Why indie makers should keep a daily journal

Do you remember when you were still in school and your teacher used to give you assignments to write a review on a particular movie, or to keep a daily journal? You may have been one of those students who didn’t like doing it.

My First Month on Learning Blockchain Development

The technology that really picks my curiosity is the blockchain technology which I've been exploring last year mainly for trading and investment purposes. And last month, I decided to explore and dive into this technology and possible build a career in this technology sometime in the future.

My Story on How Would I Get into Bitcoin

It was around February 2013 when I’m still 3rd-year Computer Science Student. I need a new laptop for our thesis project ( Our Thesis is 3D Sepak Takraw) So I need a laptop that could handle 3D programming. Luckily, I found one of my classmates.

Welcome to My Blog

There are a lot of my friends who always consult me on what technology or apps that they could use for a specific task. Since they know that I'm always in front of the computer I've given a recommendation that really fit on their needs.