"When life gives you a lemon, make some lemonade". That's what I did last year when an opportunity knocks on my door.

Let's continue...

Due to the eCommerce boom last 2020. Everyone was buying online and my friend introduces me to this eCommerce thing.

I get some opportunity to work on my eCommerce store (I started it after we are

So I take the opportunity and I say to myself "Maybe I could start my online shop now with some savings and let see what will happen for at least 3 months".

After trial and error in research and product testing. We found a good product with high demand. Daily sales are coming continued for a few weeks. So we started asking for help from some of my friends who need part-time work during a pandemic for extra income. As part-time to fill the growing demands and customer support with Packaging.

To make the story short, As every business experience. We experience the roller coaster. The "Ups" and "Down" of the business. As a naive owner, I thought the "Ups" will go on forever" but I'm wrong. Then the 'Down' comes.

The 'down' is much more painful since our store operating at a loss. It was painful to let go of your staff that becomes part of your online business and close the operation.

We have to pick our self up, get all the lessons that we've learned, and continue moving forward with life along with the knowledge and wisdom that we've gained along the way...