Are you a Windows user who experience a lot of issue in your pc and you are thinking of migrating to Mac but you don’t know if it is still worth having Mac?

I experienced those things before like I have to go to technician 3 times a year just to fix some hardware issue and spend countless hours trying to fix the Bluescreen of Death. “I deserve better than this ”, those are the word that comes to my mind when I’ve finally decided to switch to Mac. First, I’ve done a lot of research eventually decide to migrate from Windows to Mac

Let me share my experience with regard to using Mac. Here we go.

The Good Side and Bad Side of using Macbook

The Good Side

1. ) No Lags.

This is the best part of the using the Mac especially OS X. Even though there is much application open in your Mac, you rarely meet lags. In my experience, I open many tabs when I am reading in the browser. Google Chrome is known for eating a lot of space in your RAM, but when you are in Mac you don’t need to worry about this. When I’m still in Windows PC a year ago, I couldn’t open a lot of tabs when I do, my laptop would hang and I need to force it to shut down. This is a really painful experience for me especially when I am doing important projects that have a tight deadline.

2.) Good Bye BlueScreen of Death

Blue screen of Death is an issue in the Windows PC wherein you will encounter literally Blue Screen when you are in the middle of doing something important.

This is the most painful part of having a Windows PC. I’ve experienced this most of the time when I am still in Windows XP to Windows 7. The Bluescreen becomes a nightmare to me. I spend my whole day trying to be technician by fixing this Blue Screen of Death. When this issue attack, it means that the project that I am doing will be delayed. Initially, it’s nice to experience fixing your own thing, but having this issue multiple times it's getting annoying. Most of the issue range from hardware, incompatible driver, a faulty motherboard, and too many application open.

In using Macbook you will never experience this kind of bullshit. You know we deserve better.

3.) Installation and Setup of the Development environment is become easy

I am Web Developer and I need to install a lot of stuff in my machine. It seems every application that I install just works perfectly. Unlike before in Windows, when I just want to install simple software it takes me a whole day to find a compatible software because windows don’t have one shop to get the software you want.

Additionally, since I’m a tech-savvy person, when I am still in windows I spent most of my time in cmd. To do stuff faster without using the mouse. But now I could use it more in Mac, from installing stuff using Homebrew.

4.) No Virus

As of this writing May 2017, the WannaCry Ransomeware spread like crazy and most of the affected are Windows user (Windows XP and 7) with the unpatched OS. I rarely see Mac user affected by this. So I have peace of mind when this happens.

Gone are the days that I worry too much on the virus in my Laptop. The Mac doesn’t need to have antivirus because there is no virus at all in the Mac. You don’t need antivirus as well. This is most common in Windows that makes me really frustrated because most of my files always get a virus.

5.) No Bloatware

Bloatware is an application that is pre-installed in your system once you’ve bought your Laptop. Most of the time you will never use it.

When I am still in the Windows PC, I am doing a Software Development using .NET application ( around 2015 ). Most of .NET (pronounce as dot Net) software requires to install a lot of stuff in your PC to make it work( one installer with many dependencies inside ). This consumes a lot of space. In Mac, it doesn’t have much bloatware. It only has software that you really need and you could easily remove that software if you really don’t need them.

6.) No Shutdown Needed

In Windows PC world, when you are done using it, you need to shut down to close and if you want to use it again you need to reboot it which usually takes some time ( one minute at least ). But when I use the Mac I learned that I just need to make it sleep. It will still run in the background and consumes a bit of power when you open it. It will just take 3–5 seconds to boot up ( assuming you have SSD Storage ). I tried this when I’m still using my Dell Laptop. I turn the sleep on and left my computer. When I get back I could no longer open my computer. I have to bring my laptop into the technician and he found out that the motherboard becomes too hot.

So basically it is not really advisable to sleep your Windows PC and Mac could do it naturally without a problem and it will not damage your computer.

7.) Long Battery Hours

It’s really nice when you are in the coffee shop and there is no outlet that you could plug in your charger. The battery of Mac last to 5–8 hours to me. Unlike before with Windows Laptop even the full charge only last for about 1–2 hours. I don’t need to worry much about if there is a nearby outlet for charging or if I bring my charger because it will still last for a couple of hours. By the time it will be low-bat I guess I am already done on the things that I am trying to do.

The Bad Side

There are no such things as a one solution fits all. The Mac also has some downside that I’ve experienced but could be easily resolved.

1.) Low Storage

Most of the latest release of Mac comes with SSD. SSD is a Solid State Drive which gives you a much faster process for reading and writes for your documents unlike the normal HDD (Hard Disk Drive which slow in accessing data). I only have 128 SDD which is really low. You could upgrade this but it will be too expensive.

What I am doing to remedy this limitation is I just transfer the movies and other important documents in the external hard drive. I’m maximizing as well the Cloud Storage such as ( Google Drive and Dropbox ). In this way I could free up my Mac of some storage and only the applications are mostly installed. From time to time I try to clean my Mac by removing stuff that I no longer need such as files from the downloaded folder. It makes me think more about what is important and necessary.

2.) Pricey

We all know that when we see a gadget from Apple. The very first thing that comes to our mind, it is really expensive. Now I really agree with this. I’ve done initial research before I buy this I found that Mac is expensive but you don’t need to go to a technician to fix it (Assuming you are still in Warranty period or you have Apple Care). It doesn’t much have an issue because it is created with high quality. I remember my last Dell Laptop. I go to a technician at least 3 times in 1 year. Just to fix some hardware issue and it cost me time, money and some of my projects got delayed.

Any extra stuff you want with Mac such as more SSD, magic mouse, magic trackpad and dongles is too expensive. No argument about it but it’s their way to separate themselves to the Market who have a high-quality product. Other product you could get into a really cheap price but it doesn’t last long.

The Mac that I own could already buy two laptops with almost the same specs. But what I realize is that you are not just buying the specs I am buying something that would last longer than the normal laptop. Additionally, it saves me a lot of headache with regard to maintenance.

3.) Not for Gaming

If you are hardcoded gamer and if you think Mac could do it. You are wrong because Mac was created with designer, artist and professional in mind.

I learned from my co-developer that they could still play Dota 2 in Mac. They are right you could still play Dota 2 here. I tried this and I configure the Dota 2 with low graphics settings. After the first game, I was wondering why my Laptop is so noisy. I found that the fan of my laptop is really working hard to cope up with the Dota 2 and it was producing a loud noise. From that incident, I stop playing Dota 2.

I think this is one factor that I consider when I was looking for a laptop. I don’t want a gaming laptop because it is really addictive to play games. If you are a hardcore gamer it is not for you. But if you want a laptop that would make you productive and get things done. Mac is right for you.


So far in my 6 months usage of Mac, I am really satisfied when I transfer from Windows PC to Mac. Every buck that I’ve paid is really worth it. Even though there are negative side such as low storage , not for gaming, pricey, hard to find software crack but it just small things compared to positive sides such as No Logs, No Virus, No Bluescreen of Death, No need to shut down, No necessary apps (Bloatware ), easy development setup and long battery hours. The benefits outweigh the risks.

I highly recommend the Mac for those professionals who really want to be productive and get things done. As of this writing, I know that Apple starts to fade with regard to innovation because Steve Jobs are already gone and not much innovation being done in Macbook Laptops but it still worth giving a try.

Those are the feedback when I migrate to Mac. There still more positive and negative in Mac that I didn’t meet yet. Let me know in the comments below what’s your experience in using Mac.